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I think there is a parallel between how Quinn and Saul both handle Carrie. They both use quite, probing questions rather then becoming confrontational with her and neither seem to get drawn into her anger. Its interesting that as her friendship with Saul sort of fizzles she's is becoming increasingly dependent on a similar dynamic.What do you think? Do you think its just how to deal with carrie or is the show trying to tell us something about how carrie views Quinn?


I agree that Quinn has started mimicking Saul in how he handles Carrie since around 2.08 or so. Before that he was always very confrontational and rather aggressive. Note that their relationship became a lot “easier” after he stopped trying to push her on everything.

And slowly Carrie came to trust Quinn more and establish and grow a “professional intimacy” (Claire’s words) with him that she was losing with Saul (though, in many respects, I feel like Carrie trusts Saul with certain things she cannot with Peter).

The dynamics are similar in that sense, but Carrie and Saul were and always will be a father/daughter-type relationship. He is her mentor, her guide. They love each other unconditionally. Saul was there for Carrie during the lowest points of her life. I don’t think she’ll ever forget that.

I think Carrie, by nature of who she is, always needs someone in her corner. Like a daughter moving away from home, Saul can’t be that person for her anymore. The fact he was there for her during her lowest times I think also makes her uncomfortable because he knows her weaknesses and insecurities better than anyone else, too. And they will never really be professional equals. There is not that type of history with Quinn.

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